1949 Panel Truck Can Still Deliver the Goods

Long before boring white vans dominated the delivery scene for small businesses across America, transporting goods was done with a whole lot of style. Panel trucks emerged long ago as the delivery vehicle of choice, serving businesses faithfully for decades.

Today, panel trucks are still a great option for businesses, fully capable of delivering goods and serving as a rolling billboard that will turn a whole lot more heads than a plain white van. All you have to do is paint your logo on the side, and presto, instant cool.
This 1949 panel truck is a blank canvas just waiting to be employed by a small business owner somewhere in America. The red and white paint scheme is timeless and classic, as are the moon hubcaps and steel wheels
The drivetrain consists of a modern and reliable 289/C4 automatic, with a few power adders like an Edelbrock carb and intake. Stopping power has been upgraded as well, with front discs replacing the factory drums.
The interior is serviceable, with a tan vinyl bench seat and carpet, classy factory gauges, and the original style wood floor in the back. All it needs is some car parts, catering, or whatever cargo you might need to transport from point a to point b in the back. Because who wants to ride around in a boring old white van anyway?

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