This Stunning Square Jawed 1979 F-100 is a Real Star

70’s model F-100s are popular for a variety of reasons.  One of which is that they look like they can take a solid punch to the face – a face
that is as square jawed as a Hollywood action movie star.  And this 1979 example, with its slightly raked stance, looks ready to fight anything from aliens to waves of Communist antagonists.
The gorgeous red respray is impossible to ignore, and the trim is equally shiny.  The debate over aftermarket chrome wheels on old trucks is a heated one, but Torq Thrusts have been cool since before this truck rolled off the assembly line. 

Aside from the rolling stock, this F-100 is almost exactly as it came from the factory.  The interior has been redone but retains all of its original bits and pieces, minus a modern radio.  Motivation is provided by a stock 302 that is begging for some upgrades (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Even if you don’t appreciate the retro cool look of the American wheels, this truck is undoubtedly a beauty, and it can quickly and easily be returned to stock.  It even comes with all the original manuals and goodies like the window sticker for those who wish to retain it as a collector’s item.  No matter what kind of look floats (or sinks) your proverbial boat, this truck is for you. 

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